What is the difference between a survival race and an obstacle course race?

Survival and OCR are pretty similar to each other! However, Iris and Titia can only judge about the Dutch survival, they can tell you a bit about the differences they are seeing.

Titia: ‘The main difference is at the start level of any survival race, you have to have some basic techniques: rope climbing with your feet, cat crawling, rope hang (monkey hang) and a swing over. Otherwise you are definitely done after a few obstacles. If you fail: you can retry, but your wristband will be cut off if you cannot make it and you are out of the competition. Although you can still finish your race.’

Iris: ‘In the average obstacle course race a lot of obstacles are built to have some fun, basic techniques are not always required. If you are not starting in the race division, you can climb over the walls with the help of your friend. If you fail an obstacle: you’ll get a penalty such as burpees or simply just skip it. Obstacle races are to start with easier to join’

Titia: ‘Not in all races of course. In the OCR European or World Championships the wristband rule is also applied. But the obstacles by it selves are at those races sometimes even similar to Ninja-Warrior obstacles! It has to be at a certain level of course, after all those are not fun races. At the Spartan races you are only allowed to have 1 attempt, otherwise it is 30 burpees.’

Iris: ‘The obstacle course races are generally slightly more varied: from spinning weels, monkeybars, mud crawls and big water slights to big walls and peg boards. Which makes it really spectacular but more commercial and expensive. A survival race is often with a lot of wood, nets and ropes and organized without profit. Both are great but slightly different!’

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