Race Report Strong Viking Furstenau

Last Saturday Titia was at the start of the first Strong Viking run in 2019, third of the OCR series 2018/2019. A lot of international athletes came to this event in Furstenau, Germany.


Titia: ‘Because I became fourth last race in Frankfurt, I was able to start in the yellow vest (elite category). I was really excited because the last OCR race was already a while ago. Beside a minor injury, I had trained the entire winter very hard, so I was eager to test my own performance. I saw at the start a lot of familiar faces, so that was very nice to feel comfortable in the world/big family of OCR back again. I didn’t have any expectations upfront, I only wanted to run a nice race without any injuries or other stupid actions. At the starting line I said to Marloes Verdiesen (fellow competitor): ‘let’s make it a nice sporting day’. So that was the motto of the day I kept in my mind.

Off you go

I had a bit a slow start and it was busy at the first rope climb. After a while there was an obstacle with elastic bands around your ankle and hopping towards and over beams. Unfortunately I received some kicks from guys who went sideways over the beams and didn’t wait until I was entirely over the beam. I lost some places and track of which place I was running, but soon I was running in a good pace again. The parcourse was completely different compared to last year and there were great new obstacles! I didn’t had any penalty until the new low rig with only low rings. With that one I came to half way but realized it took me a lot of strength and too much time, so I decided to do a penalty which was luckily only 1 minute because I was already half way.

Towards the end

The most intensive part was a load carry over a lot of sandy hills, which was also an extremely long distance. After that, the Atlas weights and the Weaver went very fluently. The last low rig went all right but my foot was stuck in a ring, that cost me some stupid time. After that, the final obstacle was the Salmon ladder, which I know I’m not able to do yet, so I took the penalty almost immediately but had to wait first until a penalty rope was available. Only the Walhalla steps and it´s done.


In the end I finished at 2.25, at the 14th place. Nr. 9 till 15 were all in a range of 2,5 minutes, so also the difference with other competitors was almost nothing. Although my final result is actually less good compared to last year (13th), I am really happy I could run fast until the end and do realize there was simply a lot of great competition. And also the competitors were training a lot in the winter, so the level remains rising! For sure I hoped I could come a little closer towards the best athletes, but so far it seems I still have a lot of training to do! However: it was a nice sporting day:)’

Photo credits Mud/tt Photography

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