Race Result Strong Viking Nijmegen

Last Sunday both Iris and Titia were participating in the Strong Viking OCR series, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. For Iris the first time in the elite league, for Titia more familiar. But how did it go?

Titia: ‘ I was super excited to join this race and really looking forward to test my skills this day. The start went great: I felt full of energy, could run at a high speed and follow the first ladies in my eyesight. I lost a little time at the obstacles compared to the top, but also noticed after 5k I gained speed at certain obstacles compared to ladies with whom I was running along with. After a long high steady pace I noticed I was in 7th and 8th position together with another lady. (she was a quicker runner, I followed her at certain obstacles.)’

‘Until the quarter-pipe: there I’ve lost some time with waiting in line. It was very slippery due to mud just in front this obstacle, and a long cue was formed with guys who missed the rope or slipped away. My first attempt was also a failure and therefore I had to wait for a while. This costed some spots and time unfortunately. Quickly after this I could come back in my pace again. ‘

‘Once arrived at the Atlas Stones, I had a hard time. I was struggling very stupid with the heavy weights and spilled all my strength. Full of lactic acid, but without a penalty I carried on towards the low rig. Around 80% of the rig, I realized I didn’t have any strength left anymore and had to face a 1 minute penalty: battle ropes. (Even more lactate for those arms). But after this, the trouble started.’

‘Next obstacle in line was the Wheel of Steel. Mandatory without any penalties. Usually not a problem for me, and I cannot remember when I ever needed more than one attempt. But this time I did need a second attempt, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth and I don’t know how much more. Did I retry this too quick? Should I have to wait more till all the lactate was gone? Was I too busy with the marathon and haven’t I trained my arms enough? Every attempt I came to 3/4 and than it was done. Ladies were passing me by like it was nothing (and indeed I agree! But I don’t know what was wrong with me this day). When the ladies from the back of the field were passing by I was questioning myself what I was doing. I felt definitely not OCR worthy. When I finally gave up my vest, I walked to the starting area and felt ashamed that I was wearing a shirt with my name on my back. A huge disappointment after the flying start. Let’s quickly forget about this day. ‘

Meanwhile Iris was struggling with the pegboard, just in front of the Atlas Stones. Iris: ‘In the week prior the event I had a common cold, together with moving the clock forwards and a concert the day before this wasn’t the ideal preparation. However, the running part went good! I could catch up quit some ladies because I was starting in the back of the field. At the quarter pipe Storm the Castle I had to wait for a long time and became a little cold. However, after this all went back to a normal pace again. ‘

‘Until the pegboard. I have one shoulder that is really weak. Usually I don’t feel much of it, but sometimes with some specific movements with hanging I do feel it. When I arrived at the pegboard, I took the pegs but saw that the first hole for the peg was quit high (especially when you’re not that tall.) So I jumped to plug in the first peg, and tried to pull myself up on this peg, to plug in the second peg. During the jump and pull, a sharp pain went through my shoulder. I even could come till around 4 holes, but never came closer to the top. I tried many ways, was watching other ladies and their attempts, but my arms were empty. After several attempts I felt my shoulder too much and realized this wasn’t worth it. I carried on without the vest. ‘

‘Luckily the Atlas Stones went great, because the strength component is definitely my strongest point. After that I even pulled of the entire low rig. After the rig I came across a walking Titia without a vest and decided that I would join her back to the start. I immediately fell asleep while driving back and at home I also slept a long time on the couch. So after all I’m not there yet. I can improve the mandatory obstacles, but the running part it’s alright. Next time I will try it well rested again.’

So both ladies went with bowed head home. No matter how difficult this is: last time we’ve said it was a nice sporting day, this time we will say: ‘it was a good learning day.’

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