Race preview Rotterdam Marathon

First things first: this weekend Titia will start for her first time the complete marathon. And not just some marathon, but the 42.2k of the Rotterdam Marathon. Well known to be one of the 10th biggest crowded marathons with visitors in Europe. Roughly 1 million supporters are expected.

Titia: ‘I always thought maybe one day when I’m old I will run this huge distance, but on the short term I rather stay within the range of 25k. However, my sweet colleague Lisa came up with this plan. So of course I offered to come and support her, but it didn’t took her much of convincing to join her in the race as well. It seemed like a good opportunity to work on my running skills.’

‘I asked Herman Moelard to help me with my preparation. Herman is a well known trainer in my area and guides a lot of great athletes. He has his own company called The running academy so that seemed a great fit. Every Thursday I’m running at the FBK stadium during the training of LAAC, the local athletic club were Herman is also one of the trainers. Furthermore, I try to follow as much as I can the schedules of Herman. The start wasn’t great, as I soon had a minor almost stress fracture, but luckily I reacted quickly and took some rest and alternative training options. ‘

‘While the training load was increasing I had a hard time to catch up. Sometimes the entire training, my legs felt 100+ kilograms. I told Herman I was struggling and several times he asked me if it might be better to not start in Rotterdam. But I thought as long as I could keep up with the long endurance runs, I will change my goal a bit and still join the 42.2k. So instead of aiming for a time <3,5 hours I’m fine with something between 3,5-4 hours: everything will be a personal record. ‘

‘2 weeks ago I trained with my colleague Lisa and we’ve completed the 30k. She came all the way to my home (which is 1,5 hour driving) to complete this training together and I also think I wouldn’t have done it without her. So after this 30k only 1 hour extra and we should be fine, haha. Sometimes we came very early to the office to make our runs together, so that was really stimulating! I know I’ve made my kilometres, but it’s going to be a mental struggle and I’m definitely not the best in keeping a steady pace. I’ve done some VO2max testing and predicting the ideal marathon speed at Belife, they’ve done a great job in helping me understanding my weaknesses and training goals. So as long as I do not start too fast, I think I can finish it! And of course my colleague as well 🙂

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