Race report Rotterdam Marathon

It’s about time an update will follow about Titia’s first marathon last Sunday the 7th of April, because the marathon of Enschede took already place the week after.

Of course that had a certain reason: first of all the recovery period is also needed haha;) but second of all: the race went not exactly as planned.

Titia: ‘In the morning of 7 April we drove towards Rotterdam for the big event. Excited as I was, I had already a hard time finishing breakfast. When meeting with my colleague Lisa, the reason of all this, we went for several nervous toilet breaks. But as soon as we’ve got into the starting area the real deal was about to begin. Bars and gels of Born ready in our belt and some candy for the motivation. And off we go!

‘The first few kilometres went amazing. I had to keep saying to myself: easy pace, no hurry we’ve got a long time to go. I had sight of the 3.30 flag but wouldn’t make a deal out of it to keep on following them. At 6km I felt the need to not be so busy with the flag and people around me but to put focus on myself. I slowed down a bit and found my own pace. Soon the 10km was passing and all was still good.’

‘This went all fine until approximately 18km. A stitch in my stomach took over and soon I felt my entire stomach area hurting as hell. I couldn’t even run straight anymore so I started with focusing on breathing. Sometimes I even held my hands in the air to try to relieve the feeling a bit. After 27km the feeling went slightly away but actually it moved a bit towards my back. At 30km I felt the need to walk the entire drinking zone. (And that was a long zone). ‘

‘After 30km I promised myself to only walk in the drinking zones but at 32km I had to walk again. I motivated myself to keep running until the 35km, so I started a slow pace again. At 34km I was grabbing a bar to eat something prior the drinking zone, but I didn’t even open the bar yet and had to vomit. A lot. Luckily sweet bystanders offered me napkins and I continued till the drinking zone. Also this zone was a complete walk. I felt completely depleted.

At 38km I had to walk again to struggle and get myself back into a slow running pace. The entire drinking zone of km 40 was also walking again. After this my calf cramped a bit at 40,5km but luckily that was gone quick. The last km I could even squeeze out some kind of acceleration but that was about it. At 4.15, 45 minutes after my original aim I finally finished. Not even happy, more surprised if I somehow completely underestimated this goal. I don’t know. The only thing I do know is that I can do better, so perhaps I need to re-do this one. But not on a short notice! The only consolation was the fact that my colleague also didn’t had her day and was also way out of her goal, so at least that was not the day for both of us.

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