Race report Strong Viking Amsterdam

After a busy week with a lot of traveling for work duties (preparation of Giro d’Italia) Titia was just in time back to join the Strong Viking Race Hills edition in Amsterdam. With an interesting feature: qualification of the Red Bull Race in Suisse!

Titia continues: ‘I was a bit late at the start due to a long cue and I first received a blue vest (which is a vest if you haven’t completed a race in that season (yet) or didn’t reach top 50), so I needed to switch it into a yellow one. However, all on time to start with the race in time, but not front row. As soon as the start signal went off a had a huge smile on my face: time to enjoy this race!

After a few hundred meter the first of the two sections of qualification for the Red Bull Race was placed: as quick as possible a steep and rocky climb. I saw the finish line just on top so I knew it was only a short one. Full gas I climbed as fast as I could and had a good line at the side, so I was happy with that one. On top I needed to breath out some time, because I was a bit out of breath haha!

It was nice and sunny, a lot of nice obstacles and I felt good. Maybe I was even running top 5 until the quarter-pipe, which was completely full of mud, no long ropes, and only a few muddy, slippery ropes were available. I lost a lot of important time by retrying so many, I think I did over 15 attempts. I saw one by one other girls passing me by. Finally I grabbed a rope which was just not too slippery and could crawl over and continue.

Although it was nice and sunny, the race went into the skiing hall trough the snow! Interesting twist đŸ˜‰ When I came to the Atlas Stones, again I lost some time, carrying the weight of 50kg above my chest with my own weight and my length is a big struggle and I had to take a penalty. Meanwhile another girl was passing me and I didn’t see her again afterwards.

In the end I finished at the 8th place, I’m definitely happy with that although I do question myself what would have happened if the quarter-pipe wasn’t that slippery! But that’s also the fun of Obstacle Course Racing.’

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