Race Report Half Marathon Utrecht

Crazy messages were all over the news: Marathon runners in Utrecht took the wrong turn! Iris was also present, so let’s read about whether she also ran extra kilometers or not.

Iris: ‘It was my fourth half marathon this year. At 8:15 we were all present in the car to drive off. I filled in the navigation the address of the parking place which I had received form the organisation. It should be across the street from the pick up off the starting number, but still 2,5km from the start. That should be fine since we had still another hour left.

Once we arrived, a big traffic jam was holding us up till the garage. Although we even arrived from the good side! (The other side was an even longer cue). Apparently there was a malfunction in the garage, so it didn’t open. Quickly we drove off into Utrecht Center to still find a parking spot. Which meant we had to walk back to pick up our starting number and from that place still the long walk to the start and the baggage drop.

At the baggage drop, another long cue occurred. There was only 1 lady to help out with all those bags! Eventually, we’ve dropped our bags and run off to the start, only 1km to go. At the start we could immediately take off haha!

The beginning of the race was a lot of fun, crossing Utrecht. Different kind of streets, small and big and some streets were very idyllic. After those street, the parcours was a little bit boring. It seemed we were running mainly at an industrial area and a very long distance next to the channel and back again on the other side.

At 16km I had to stop for a toilet break, my stomach was a bit upset. At 17km we came across a lot of runners from the 10km, who told us they took the wrong turn. In the end it turned out around 2000 runners did another 5k extra! So a lot of them who were in the results were declared invalid. Luckily we didn’t had this bad luck!

After the finish it was crowded again and very chaotic from the baggage drop till the cars. Not a run which I would like to do again! And on the bright side: I do appreciate all the effort of the great organized runs which I’ve done and which are to come. A lot of kudos and respect towards race organizations!! Next week, Almere on the line-up.

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